Terms & Conditions of Jap-Euro Engine & Gearbox Supply

Jap-Euro Engine Gearbox CC offer to their customers to entitle the following warranties for their purchased items:

(1) Diesel / Petrol Engines:

  • 30 days warranty start from date of invoice unless otherwise stated on the front on this invoice.
  • No warranty on turbo and super charged engines (High Performance type engines).

(2) Gearboxes and Cylinder Heads

  • 30 days warranty for MANUAL gearboxes start from date of invoice.
  • 14 days warranty for AUTOMATIC gearboxes start from date of invoice.
  • 7 days warranty for ZOLA gearboxes (both new and used) start from date of invoice.
  • 7 days crack free warranty on Cylinder Head.
Conditions for Warranty:

In order to qualify for a warranty, ENGINE:

  • New oil filter, engine oil, air filter, spark plugs, cam belt (if applicable) must be used on installation of the engine.
  • Timing must be set to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Radiator must be cleaned, new thermostat to be fitted and your water hoses must be in good condition.
  • Oil pressure and temperature gauge must be operative on DASHBOARD.
  • After fitting an engine it must be returned in the vehicle for inspection within 7 days of purchase for warranty to become valid.
  • A heat tab has fitted onto each engine. Removal of our heat tab voids guarantee immediately.

In order to qualify for a warranty, GEARBOX:

  • New spigot shaft bearing / bush must be fitted.
  • For rear wheel drive gearboxes, propshaft must re-balance correctly before fitting.
  • Gearbox mounting must be in good condition.

Gearboxes run with no oil or incorrect oil not according to manufacturer’s specifications are not guarantee.

  • Return will only be considered within 7 days of purchase and is subject to a HANDLING FEES of 10% of the purchased item cost.
  • Goods returned must be in the original assembled condition.
  • Parts not returned with engine or gearbox which is initially supplied will be deducted from return due to you.
  • No refund on Finance, Delivery/Freight charges, consequential damages or labour charges out of the exchange of any goods.
  • No stripping of engines or gearboxes if you experience a problem, this will void your warranty. Contact your sales consultant
    immediately for further action.
    No warranties on hanging parts (starter, alternator, turbo, supercharger, manifold, distributor, carburetor, water pump, clutch,
    flywheel, timing belt and all seals).
    No warranties on oil leaks, blown head gasket and overheating due to poor cooling system.
    No warranties on engines bought for modification or modified vehicles.
    No warranties on engines that modified to add in Turbo / Supercharger.
    Until goods was fully paid for, they remain as the property of Jap-Euro Engine Gearbox CC.

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