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Engine Importers and Gearbox Specialists

Engine Importers & Gearbox Specialists

Jap-Euro has an array of engineering experts that strives to improve functionality and core component operations of vehicles. With our establishment in 2006, Jap Euro has grown in leaps and bounds in the engine and gearbox arena.

We source and buy quality driven low-mileage used engines throughout all parts of the world. These include Japan, Europe, Malaysia and Singapore. Warranty and performance go hand in hand here at Jap Euro. Our dedication to professionalism on gearboxes and engines are applicable to Toyota, Ford, Daihatsu and Mazda. A versatile additional range of vehicle brands are also made applicable to Jap Euro specialty services. Petrol and diesel engines are somewhat complex to source and repair. However, Jap Euro strives to ensure that each client specification and vehicle requirement is met.

Low mileage engines are especially important as it determines the driving capabilities of the automobile. We have expert advice and counsel that will save you thousands of Rands with the ultimate end goal of premium service and high calibre imported materials.

Contact us on 011 397 5521 / 5522 / 5523 / 5524 and one of our sales representatives will assist you! Or send us an email on sales@japeuro.co.za

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