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Above are the units that we currently have in stock. If one of the units matches what you are looking for then simply click on it. It will then open on a product page. Then on the products page select add to quote. You will be redirected to a quote form. There you will need to fill out your details and then submit them. We will then very quickly come back to you with a price on the unit that you have requested.

If you do not see the Gearbox that you are looking for above, please fill out the form to the right of the page. It is very important that you give us the Gearbox number, you can find this on the Gearbox itself. Just fill in the form with what you need and we will come back to you if we have it. We will also let you know if we do not have stock, but you can be assured that we will try to find an engine for you.

Honda Gearboxes

Jap-Euro imports Honda Gearboxes from overseas suppliers. Therefore these Gearboxes are high quality with low mileage at very affordable prices. So if you are looking for Honda Gearboxes then you are in the right place. We not only pride ourselves on delivering quality products to our clients, but we also do so at a price that’s sensible.

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