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Jap-Euro was first established in 2006. We source and buy a wide range of low mileage used engines in Japan, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and imported into South Africa.


For a very wide range of used engines and used gearboxes  as well as a wide range of spares contact jap euro for the best quality gearboxes and engines , spares, parts and performance ,we provide  professional advice on all gearboxes  and engines , specializing in Toyota, ford and mazda along with all car manufacturers brands .we are also the largest importer of all engines and gearboxes in south Africa

For a wide range of petrol and diesel engines and gearboxes contact our experienced sales staff who will assist you with all your enquires, Low mileage engine and gearboxes sourced locally and abroad , performance engines , gearboxes, spares, expert advice at the right price.


Contact us on 011 397 5521 / 5522 / 5524 and one of our sales representatives will assist you! Or send us an email on



MBENZ 166960 A160 (A)G (Custom)
MBENZ 166960 A160 (A)
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AUDI ALT 2.0 20V A4
AUDI ALT 2.0 20V A4
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